Lina Schmidt -  I put together a body of my interests that seem consistent with your inquiry today on the A3M group.  I am class of 1960 at Stanford, BS Physics then.   Call if you or one of your associates in pursuing some of these items.   408-732-1859 (h)  ; 408-207-3471 (m).   In past, I have acted as source and resource person for students doing senior thesis or research review on Stanford life, with a progressive viewpoint. 

An essay that just caught my attention is shown from TruthOut as found in Daily Beast, in the Rise of the New New Left, by Peter Beinhart.  It seems to suggest that perhaps the Millennials might save us (or themselves) from the world wreck that my generation (Depression Babies) and the Baby Boomers have left behind.  The article goes further to explain that Presidents Carter, Clinton, Obama were all captured by the Reagan-Bush mythologies and politics.  I will have to study this article more whether to draw an opinion as to whether the author has anything to add.

-- Jack Truher  <>

Stanford's Labor Struggles grew out of the civil rightsmovement of 1950s and 60s, simultaneously instructing anti-war activism, as with A3M.

Stanford Labor History






Retirees of Stanford, a blog by Jack

su/Retirees ofSU/2010-Answers

Jack's perspectives on SLAC history
Stanford National Accelerator Center (SLAC Linear Accelerator Center) (our) "golden years" 1960-2000
as single purpose particle physics lab (now a multipurpose bio and materials sci lab.)
SLAC/Neal_Dick 2007 JBT youTube

SLAC/Ginzton_Ed Angel Island SLAC History

SLAC/Pief memorial 2007-09-28

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Stanford Staffers, a predominently women's employee interest group was formed
in 1950s, much less democratic now,
with losses very much worth consideration.

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staffers- command-control paySys


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staffers-inTransition (a private record)

Stanford's emergent Conflicts of Interests  are essential background for understanding Stanford history.  The dialectical tension which now conflates Gown to Town, commerce to liberal traditions.  Higher Ed always struggles to be managed adequately for the common good.
Review of the Women Interchange at SLAC (WIS) with here it's parent link, to WIS.  still now with picture remembering Jack for assisting Women's interests then.

Lina Schmidt -

On 2013-9-13 4:13 PM, Lina Schmidt wrote:
Hello, my name is Lina Schmidt.

First of all, thanks for reading this! I´m a junior at Stanford, and Lenny added me to your mailing list because I´m working on a project to connect current students with activist individuals and organizations. This is a part of my work for STATIC, a  progressive campus publication run entirely by students.

STATIC, which was founded in 2011, publishes op-eds and personal stories written by student contributors. This ´static´ is intended to serve as positive interference in mainstream dialogues. Because the publication serves as a way to amplify the voices of young activists, STATIC staff care about connecting those activists with each other - and with alumni who may serve as role models.

To that end, I am working on an address book of alumni contacts who would be willing to speak with current students about their involvement in activism. Even if you are not currently involved in activism, your perspectives on politics, society, and campus organizing would be greatly valued!

Please let me know if you would like to be added to this contact list (for privacy, it will be accessible only to current students with Stanford ID). If you would like, you can include your particular area of interest as well.

Thank you for your time!


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