Links to Labor Organizing History at Stanford,
or the Lack thereof 2010-10-03

Jack Truher
here gathers some things you might not have seen.

An outstanding study on the history of labor organizing at Stanford by graduating senior in 2006, Chris Vaughn, is kept on my web site.

An earlier review on the founding of United Stanford Employees is by Sarah Eisenstein in 1998.

I put up a memorial page on the founding president in 1996.

I've been occasionally a volunteer historian on labor at Stanford. Retired after decades employed at Stanford, I haven't been as thorough as a disciplined researcher might. There's plenty of room for students interested in following similar labor developments, stories never told. What succeed, or not - and why not. All good questions. There are some interesting recent developments. University administration operates the rudimentary elements of a company union, so carefully guarded that almost nobody knows it's there. The result is that repression at Stanford is mostly self-censorship now. The motivational groundwork to maintain that control is very carefully monitored and enforced.

And another page on some of the same and similar material.

-- Jack Truher
Stanford Class of 1960
employee 1965-1996

on the Founding Committee of USW, 1974

A Board Member for Stanford Staffers.

Jack as volunteer employee advocate, 1991
as appeared in Palo Alto Weekly.

Jack's technical publications at SLAC
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Jack supports Women's Interchange at SLAC

Jack's bio for school reunion.