Fall 2009 chapter reports

BETA RHO | Stanford University

This fall (2007) has been an exciting quarter for the Beta Rho Delts at Stanford. To kick off the quarter, the Delts participated in a Second Mile project in nearby Menlo Park. Second Mile is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the greater Palo Alto area by remodeling houses, schools and so forth. For this event, Second Mile chose Willow Oaks Elementary School as a project site. Over the weekend, the Beta Rho Delts worked on painting, landscaping and an overall makeover of all common and administrative areas within the school. In other community service news, the Beta Rho Delts chose to participate in an Adopt-a-School program. This year, the Delts chose the Synapse Institute in Palo Alto. The Delts have helped create an after-school tutoring and chess program for the students. In addition to the surrounding community, the Beta Rho Delts have also made significant contributions on the playing field. In particular, Owen Marecic, Ryan Whalen, James McGillicuddy, Matt Kopa, Andrew Fowler and Brad Hallick, members of the Stanford football team, have all contributed to a very successful year for the Cardinal. Speaking of football, the Beta Rho Delts also hosted a very successful tailgate during Homecoming weekend against Arizona State. In attendance were current and former members of Beta Rho. While the Beta Rho Chapter is still “unhoused,” this year’s executive committee is working hard to secure the necessary land and funds in order to realize our long-term goal of building a Delt shelter.

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 Owen Marecic

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#48 Owen Marecic


Fr. | 6-1 | 235

Ryan Whalen

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#80 Ryan Whalen


Fr. | 6-2 | 200

To some Delt friends from years ago. 

from a Stanford Delt brother, class of 1960

I found something from delts.org,  from the web: players on the Stanford football team, then and now.  Here are those six listed delts, who remain on the 2010 team.

I remember, in the old Delt House on the corner of San Juan and Dolores streets in the 1950s,  paging through the old Stanford Yearbooks from the 1920s and 1930s.  Delts were featured on the sports teams then too. Don't you remember the first time you walked up the stairs from the mailbox, up to the grand entryway overlooking the bay?

You will recognize most of the players shown on this page, with pictures from the Stanford sports web site, as below.

With this much new information, I found my way to the Delt International Center. I learned more history than I expected.

Finally find something on our Stanford Delt brothers Chris Burford of class 56-60, and Jim Plunkett, Heisman Trophy 1973.

Jack Truher
10569 Creston Drive
Los Altos, CA 94024

James McGillicuddy

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 #94 James McGillicuddy


So. | 6-3 | 300

Matt Kopa

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#61 Matt Kopa

OTSo. | 6-6 | 275

Andrew Fowler 

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#59 Andrew Fowler


So. | 6-2 | 220

Brad Hallick

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#78 Brad Hallick


Fr. | 6-6 | 293