Jim Berk Memorial Pictures - Bayshore Interpretive Center - April 2, 2006

Jim Berk 1965

Memorial arrival photos on April 2, 2006 at 1:00 p.m.

A. left to right: Linda Berk, Imani Berk, Glenda Jones, Linda Crouse,
Roland Finston (background), Rosemary Berk, William Webster.
B. (l to r): Sue Frey, Roland Finston, Sharlene Carlson
(former U.S.E. activists)
C. (l to r): Jane Burton, Barbara and Jim Wolpman, Rafael Verbera with his son and granddaughter
(Jane Burton and Jim Wolpman were members of the Law Commune which represented USE.)
D. Jim Wolpman, former USE attorney and Rafael Verbera, former Food Service employee and union activist.
E. Glenda Jones, former USE President, with Rafael Verbera and Jim Berk's daughters, Linda and Imani Berk

Photo Collage below of early United Stanford Employees is by Glenda Jones,
who also identified persons shown thoughout at recent Berk Memorial.
G. - for poster board above; names are listed below

Poster Board is divided into two parts. G and H.

G. left col.: (1) USE members convening at Mem Aud to take a strike vote. Jim Berk is at far left.

G. left col.: (2) Membership meeting in Tresidder. Was a time of crisis when members were rebelling against Jim's leadership. Tim Twomey was called in to help. In picture (3) Linda Crouse is standing and speaking for the membership.

G. left col.: (3) Glenda recognizes Roger Hardy, Ann Schlagenhaft, Bill Reynolds, Danny Ibrisimovic. Bottom row, left to right, Roger Hardy, name not remembered, Ann Schlagenhaft. Top row, left to right, Jim Berk, Bill Reynolds, Danny Ibrisimovic, and man from SLAC Electronics.

G. middle col.: (1) Jim around 1965, and

G. middle col.: (2) Jim around 1975.

G. right col.: (1) General membership meeting.

G. right col.: (2) Meeting of USE Executive Committee with Tim Twomey, SEIU Vice President, in the Law Commune offices. Discussing affiliation with SEIU. (l to r): Tim Twomey, Roland Finston, Jan Sutter, Florie Berger, Matt Dillard, Jim Berk, Breck Breckenridge, Bill Shoemaker. (Employees Organize, April 1973)

G. right col.: (3) The new U.S.E.Executive Committee with Glenda Jones as President proudly showing new union charter with SEIU AFL-CIO, with Joan Dible, Roland Finston, Jack Truher, Julia Harvey, Dennis Davie, Florie Berger, Matt Dillard, Rafael Verbera, Alfred Castro, Mike Harris, Ric Sterling, and other members of the Executive Committee. (Employees Organize, May 1973)

H. for poster board above; names are listed below

H. left col.: (0) top: Jim Berk, Bill Reynolds, Danny Ibrisimovic, (+name?); bot col.: Roger Hardy, (+name?), Anne Schlagenhaft

H. left col.: (1) Bill Reynolds and Jim Berk. Bill probably Vice President.

H. left col.: (2) NLRB agent Larry Hanson on the left, back of USE lawyer Jim Wolpman(?), Jack Truher, Roland Finston.

H. middle col.: (1) Jim Berk and Breck Breckenridge

H. middle col.: (2) United Stanford Employees' recruitment brochure

H. right col.: (1) A membership meeting in Tresidder. Jim Berk in center of group. Florie Berger in the foreground.

H. right col.: (2) Meeting of members discussing their concerns with John Leung, Group Representative.

H. right col.: (3) bottom row, l to r: U.S.E. officers Glenda Jones, Jim Berk, Karl Schroeder; top row, l to r: Florie Berger, Breck Breckinridge and unidentified as yet.

I. (l to r): Jason, Linda, Imani, and Tosha Berk
with photo of their father.
J. (l to r): NLRB agent Larry Hanson,U.S.E. lawyer Jim Wolpman(?),
Jim Berk, Jack Truher, Roland Finston.

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